Why us:-

International Corporation ( IC ) was started by K.Mohamed Faisal, a young entrepreneur in the year 2003. IC as its fondly known in India manufactures/sources tailor made leather for Shoes, Leather Goods, Garments and Upholstery. IC is known to follow a strict quality control process before it reaches the end customer.

Our corporate office is in Chennai, India. We have the best of facilities available to manufacture leathers as per the brands requirements. South India is one of the top exporters in India and has Tanneries which supplies to the best of brands in the world..

Ample availability of raw materials in Cow, Sheep, Goat and Buffalo leathers with state-of-art facility in tanning and finishing to manufacture latest articles in Cow, Sheep, goat and Buff makes it a win-win situation for global brands to fulfill requirements of leather from us. We can guarantee a highly responsive team to offer you the best of service.

Our team of highly skilled work force will ensure that the leathers in Cow,sheep,goat,buff are as per our approved samples. Our team in Chennai will co ordinate with you at each process for effective communication and assured quality sourcing. Our associate offices are in China,Hong Kong, Japan,South Korea and Germany

Qualify each skin against the approved samples

Each skin is inspected piece by piece and stamped with our logo with date

Shipped as per customers requirements

Few of our end customers:


We can supply the below articles as per your requirements. Our team follows a strict policy on quality and makes sure that what you get is what you have ordered.

  • Baby Cow Calf
  • Cow Hide
  • Cow Side
  • Sheep
  • Baby buff calf
  • Buff Lite
  • Buff sides
  • Goat

Exports to:

  •    China
  •    HongKong
  •    Vietnam
  •    Cambodia
  •    Indonesia
  •    Korea
  •    Japan
  •    Italy
  •    Spain
  •    Portugal
  •    Germany
  •    Australia
  •    Poland
  •    Thailand
  •    Malaysia & Taiwan


What Our Happy Customer say about us


International Corporation
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